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Why In-Home Dog Training

In-home dog training makes sense for dogs and owners because it allows your pet to train in a familiar environment. Where did Spot chew up your slippers? At home. Where does Buddy meet your friends? At your home’s front door. Training at home is practical, convenient, and effective.

Brown Dog on a BedWith Civilized Canine’s in-home dog training services, you and your pet enjoy privacy and one-on-one attention. Many pet stores offer inexpensive obedience classes in which an assembly of owner-and-pet duos are taught at one time. This method is not very effective. Because we guarantee our training, our trainer must focus only on your dog and his needs during your scheduled training session. Best of all, in-home services allow you to fit training into your busy schedule.

What About Owners

Owners need training, too, and our in-home services will teach you to lead your pet with the confidence of a true alpha dog. At Civilized Canine, we believe that dogs are like children, so we teach you to replicate the mother dog/pup relationship to provide motivation for your dog. You’ll learn to read your dog’s signals and foster obedience through positive and negative reaction systems.


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