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1. Why in-home dog training versus a boarding and training environment?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get. The main reason in-home training is the better choice is simple, your home is the environment your dog is used to and the problems and behaviors that your dog exhibits happen in that environment. Another very good reason is a boarding environment itself. A dog suddenly being put into a new environment can cause high levels of stress. That stress can cause a weaker immune system. When that dog is exposed to numerous dogs and their individual bacteria and germs the dog has a higher likelihood of becoming ill. Your dog is protected in its own home. The last big benefit of in-home training is the drive. Or lack of one. We have all seen gas prices these days. With in-home training we come to you. Avoid the thirty minute drive to the training facility, the hour with a trainer, the 30 minute drive home, only to get home and try to get your dog doing what you learned at the facility. In-home training is so much more convenient. It is not uncommon for me to do a lesson with a client while the dishes are getting done or dinner is being prepared.

2. How long will it take to train my dog?

The programs we offer range on average from six to ten weeks long with the lessons being one time per week for about an hour each lesson. All of our programs are custom designed to your pet for your goals and wants and his/her needs. Training is all about building a relationship with your pet. It can not and should not be rushed if you want to do it right. Beware of those people that tell you they can fix all of your problems in one session. You will spend years with your pet. Training is a very short term investment for the return you will get. All of our training is guaranteed.

3. Do you ever take my dog away from home?

Well, yes and no. Occasionally we will work with your dog at a nearby park or maybe go walking through area neighborhoods in order to increase the distractions your dog is learning under. Your dog however will never be out of your sight. All training is done in front of you, the owner, with you being involved in every step of the training.

4. How much time is required on my part?

All initial training is completed by the trainer with reinforcement through the week by the owner. Again, you are present for all training. Obviously, the more you work with your dog the faster the results. Two to three 5 minute sessions per day is adequate to maintain a good routine and be successful with the training.

5. Is it ever too late to train my dog?

No. No. and No. I have had so many people call me over the years and tell me another trainer told them their dog was too old to train and was set in its ways. "You canít teach an old dog new tricks!" In my opinion, this saying came from inexperienced or just plain lazy trainers. We start training as young as ten weeks old and have trained many "grumpy old dogs."

6. Is my dog too small to train?

Absolutely not! If you have a 3 pound teacup Chihuahua or a 220 pound Neapolitan Mastiff, we can train it. Remember, training is about building a relationship with your pet. All dogs and people need training regardless of size.

7. My dog is showing some pretty bad aggression issues. Can you help?

Most of the time. It honestly depends on the dog and the triggers involved. All behavioral issues are evaluated on a case by case basis. Our first goal in evaluating any behavioral issue is to determine whether the issue is a behavioral or a chemical/medical issue. There can be many factors that trigger a variety of different behaviors in our pets. No one can ever guarantee a resolution to behavioral issues, especially aggression, and beware if they do. We are dealing with live, free thinking animals and not a repair on a vehicle or something that doesnít have a brain or the genes of a wolf for that matter. We will always approach the issues from an honest, realistic standpoint. I have handled hundreds of aggression cases over the years with great success however there has been the occasional case that no amount of training or medications could cure. These have often times been the result of abuse, poor breeding, or heavy chemical imbalances in the dog.

Ask a trainer. Have questions about your faithful friend? Dogs aren’t human, and often we have a hard time understanding how they think and act. Antony has lived, worked with, and trained more dogs than you could throw a bone for, and he’s happy to answer your questions. Email Antony today!

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