The Civilized Canine Philosophy
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Our Philosophy

Trainer Antony Williamson knows that dogs are more than just pets – after all, his dog, Gump, saved his life! Civilized Canine practices under the philosophy that any dog can be trained to obey in any situation if an owner understands and works within the natural pack mentality dogs inherently have.

Dog Standing on GrassOur Technique

We use a compulsive technique for in-home dog training. Founded on principles of reward and punishment, and balancing negative and positive reinforcement, compulsive training works within the parameter’s of a dog’s understanding, allowing owners to tap into their pet’s instinctive need to please.

We believe in incentive-based training, not fear. This translates into reward techniques and lots of doggie treats. Dogs won’t obey without negative reactions from owners, much like children won’t obey without negative consequences. You can have peace of mind that your dog is being treated well throughout training because Antony requires that you be present to learn alongside your pet. This optimizes results. Ultimately you, not Antony, need to have control of your pet.

Our Results

Antony believes that training is possible for every dog, and we guarantee effective, high-quality training for dogs and owners. However, training can’t change temperament, and we cannot guarantee that every dog will never again experience aggression or other behavioral issues.

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